Minutes 2003/11/03 [Final]


Having received no further comments and acting on Lofton's request to 
send the minutes today, here goes.




QA Working Group Teleconference
Monday, 03-November-2003
Scribe: Dimitris Dimitriadis

(PC) Patrick Curran (Sun Microsystems)
(dd) Dimitris Dimitriadis (Ontologicon)
(KD) Karl Dubost (W3C, WG co-chair)
(DH) Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux (W3C)
(LH) Lofton Henderson (CGMO - WG co-chair)
(SM) Sandra Martinez (NIST)
(VV) Vanitha Venkatraman (Sun Microsystems)

(DM) Dave Marston, IBM

(LR) Lynne Rosenthal (NIST - IG co-chair)
(MS) Mark Skall (NIST)

(KG) Kirill Gavrylyuk (Microsoft)
(AT) Andrew Thackrah (Open Group)

Summary of New Action Items:
AI-20031103-1 Karl Dubost to contact OpenGroup AC rep about QA WG 
membership, 20031106
AI-20031103-2 Lofton Henderson to create an alphabetical list for guest 
chairs 20031107
AI-20031103-3 Dimitris Dimitriadis to come up with list of 
candidates/roles for WWW2004 2003-11-08
AI-20031103-4 Karl Dubost to come up with list of candidates/roles for 
WWW2004 panel 2003-11-08
AI-20031103-5 Lofton Henderson to come up with list of candidates/roles 
for WWW2004 panel 2003-11-08

Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-qa-wg/2003Nov/0002.html
Previous Telcon Minutes: 
21/10 AM: 
21/10 PM: not found in mail archives
22/10 AM: 
22/10 PM: 
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1.) roll call 11am EDT, membership
(DH) SpecGL out of CR: publication, except if comments are made, Monday 

2.) Any routine business
††††††††- 10 Nov guest-chair/guest topic?† [DHM]
		LH: fallback? noone ready.
††††††††- guest-chair/guest topic 8-dec: volunteer?
††††††††- or ... assign alphabetical order in QAWG list?
††††††††- "rules" -- do it yourself, or recruit non-QA person

KD: Action item for people to come up with a topic
LH: Will create an alphabetical list and send to WG list, including a 
list of AI. Two weeks before it gets sent out to whoever is designated 
as the AI holder, together with any references.

3.) In-reach idea:† Chairs telecon (January)
††††††††- "Lessons learned along the rec track" -- QA case study?
LH: any ideas? What about stacking this as minor topic and revisit it 
in a future telcon? Effectively, it's a case study for Test Suite 
building, SpecGL or OpsGL.

4.) WWW2004 panel proposal
††††††††- f2f minutes [1]
††††††††- new DM contribution [2]

LH: list should be submitted before Nov. 13
DM: Title OK? No objections.
DM: Themes
DD: Proposed addition: Relationship between company and WG outcome 
(contract situation).
DM: Will look at suggested themes of the conference to make it tie. 
"Divided loyalties"?
DM: Intended audience
LH: Should be extended to "users of the web" generally, especially 
interested in those that try to implement standards to aid 
interoperability and conformance.
DM: Assurance of liveliness: no comments
DM: Take home message.
KD: What do you mean by enforcement?
DM: not enforcement de jure.
KD: not so much enforcement, more people follwing the trend?
DM: will be careful using the word enforcement
DM: panelists. No specifical name for the role of victim of poor past 
practicess at last discussion. Thierry Kormann (working on Batik).
LH: I will discuss with a couple of SVG people whether they might fit 
into the victim category, they may want to fit into a success category.
KD: we can come up with a few names, depends on what kind of 
personality you want on the panel.
DM: NIST has been mentioned as a source of people with good position 
for such a panel, Mark Skall as a purist/idealist.
KD: will scan the evangelist list for good names.
DD: proposes himself as a purist.
DM: we need the balance. Ken Holman could be thought of as an example 
of trainer/author.
DM: Can we think of an insider (CC/PP rep) for the "W3C Rec author" 
LH: Lynne is best to comment on that.
LH: We'll try to come up with a list of candidates for each role.
KD, LH, DD: Action item to come up with list of candidates/roles for 
WWW2004 panel by 2003-11-08

5.) (optional topic) TCDL update from DM
††††††††- admin:† IBM on IP and publishing
††††††††- technical (if time & interest) [3], [4]

6.) Adjourn
Adjourned 12:07.

7.) Overflow (12-12:30): available.

[1] http://www.w3.org/QA/2003/10/min-21-pm.txt
[2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-qa-wg/2003Oct/0059.html
[3] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-qa-wg/2003Oct/0045.html
[4] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-qa-wg/2003Oct/0061.html

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