Re: DRAFT minutes, QA Working Group Teleconference 2003-02-24

On Monday 24 February 2003 22:51, Kirill Gavrylyuk wrote:
> 4a. Addition. Add company's own test cases - clearly separate the W3C
> test suite and company's test cases. You can add a W3C test collection
> only as a whole, cannot exclude any of the test cases from it. (I wasn't
> sure about that during the telconf, but convinced now)

As I was adding these issues to my summary, I realized I neglected to 
address this point. The W3C does never tried to prohibit the compilation of 
materials under the Document License. For instance, one can frequently find 
books about W3C Recommendations that include them in their appendices -- or 
are wholesale compilations. (Consequently, I don't think this is a novel 
case with respect to test cases.)

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