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> >Comments on the TestGL, Dec 2002 version
>When will this discussion migrate to the www-qa list?

Good question.  We keep doing the see-saw on the WG-IG venue for comments.

This is a comment/issue that I have included with others (stay tuned for 
future message) for the QAWGPD (process doc) discussion.  It wouldn't hurt 
to try to write down guidelines -- I myself have to rethink this every 
time, and in fact sent my contribution to the WG list without thinking.

I would suggest that the comments of Lynne and me be sent to the IG 
list.  We did invite the IG list to submit TestGL comments by 2/28 
(Friday).  What do you (all) think?


> >16. CP 4.5 Ensure the ease of use for the test automation
> >This is a judgment as to 'ease of use'. It is important to understand
> >who the audience is for using the test automation and build and
> >document the automation accordingly. What is important is to document
> >how it can be used. Also recognize that if people can+IBk-t figure out how
> >to run the tests, they won+IBk-t use them.
>I think rather the vague "ease of use", the real focus should be on
>correct execution of the tests for repeatable results. If several
>test labs obtain the test cases and software, they should all get the
>same results when testing the same products.
>.................David Marston

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