Resolved-to-closed: OpsGL (3,...), 58, 60


Here is a batch of OpsGL issues to be moved to "Closed", per our procedure 
[0].  Comments due before or at:  7 July telecon.  Otherwise, Closed as 

This is your chance to verify that you're happy with the drafted OpsGL text 
for the issue resolutions.  See the issue resolutions at [1].  Each 
resolution has a link to the appropriate place in editor's draft of OpsGL [2].

** QA-commit group:  3, 60.2, 72.2, 72.3, 83
** LC-58 -- req't for QAPD
** LC-60 (all parts 60.1 thru 60.15) -- general re-org and specific 
proposals for OpsGL

Also feel free to comment on the text of issue "Resolution" itself, in 
[1].  These substantively match what we propose for our Disposition of 
Comments response document(s).



Received on Monday, 30 June 2003 19:36:16 UTC