Re: proposed text for LC96 -

It would be acceptable to add more text to the discussion - however, my 
comment about your suggestion is HUH?  I don't understand it.  It seems 
very complex.  Can you suggest something much more simpler and straight 


>>We decided that CP 3.1 requires that the minimal requirements  be a 
>>collection in 1 place rather than distributed in the document.
>>Proposal is to add a sentence to the existing rationale - so that it 
>>reads as follows:
>>Rationale: the reader must be able to recognize any minimum 
>>functionality, complexity or support that applies to conforming products 
>>of a specific class.  It helps the reader find these requirements by 
>>presenting them as a collection, in one place rather than distributed 
>>throughout the document.
>>Any Comments?
>I think that it would be useful, in the Discussion, to add a little more 
>detail, especially to the "distributed throughout the document" 
>notion.  Specifically, capture some of the reasoning that we went through 
>(in telecon) in order to conclude that this should be Priority 
>2.  Something like, "If the specification is written in conformance to 
>other requirements in this SpecGL, then any universal minima will be 
>implicitly represented amongst the specific conformance requirements of 
>the individual CoPs.  In principle, then, the universal minima can be 
>derived.  However, such derivation could be complex and error-prone."
>Question.  If we believe this to be true, then does this have any bearing 
>on the question of LC-95 -- is GL3 a DoV?

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