Re: Proposed text for SpecGL LC comments

At 11:30 AM 7/29/03 -0400, Lynne Rosenthal wrote:
>A current working version of SpecGL is available at: 
>We are still working on the document, but as you can see much has been 
>done and is still being done.  [...]
>Below are many of the LC issue resolutions and the text that has been 
>incorporated.  Any comments?

I'm assuming that this is being done as the final "Resolved-to-Closed" step 
of these SpecGL issues?  I.e., QAWG has a period to review the proposed 
closures (draft SpecGL text), after which they are marked "Closed" (per 
draft text) if there are no comments.

When is the deadline for comments?

Given that there were approximately 40 issues listed in the message, I 
suggest *at least* two weeks -- that's a lot of issues and text to look at 
and think about.  (Three might be better.)

Anyway, can you (SpecGL editors) suggest a deadline for comments, please?


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