Monday (13 Jan) QAWG telecon agenda (draft)

QAWG participants --

If you won't attend the Monday (13-jan) QAWG telcon, please reply (to list) 
with "regrets".

This is a regular weekly conference, whose principal topics will be: LC 
details for OpsGL, SpecGL.

Agenda comments and suggestions welcome.

The overflow half-hour is free, if you want to use it.


Scribe:  Peter Fawcett

1.) roll call 11am (EST)

2.) miscellaneous topics
         - TestGL editorship (PF)
         - other?

3.) OpsGL [1] last call details
         - commitment table [x]
         - do we need "usage scenarios" for LC?

4.) SpecGL [2] last call details
         - confirm revision of GL13 [y]
         - do we need "usage scenarios" for LC?
         - process AR comments [5]

5.) Adjourn

6.) Overflow (12-12:30):  available.

Zakim bridge: +1-617-761-6200
Monday, 13 January 2003
11:00am-12noon EST.
code: 7294 ("QAWG")


[3] ...tbd proposed revision of commitment table...
[4] ...tbd proposed rewording of GL13 and its verbiage...

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