Outline of Boston presentation

For discussion tomorrow. I don't know if I've captured everybody's 
thoughts, but at least this is a start...
* Why QA?

  Development of conformance test suites leads to:
    Better, more testable, more implementable specifications 
    Better quality implementations 
    More interoperable implementations 

* Business Justification

  QA activities are expensive
  So is development of specifications and implementations
  Investment in QA activities:
    Reduces cost of developing specifications and implementations
    Reduces duplication of test-development effort
      All implementors need test suites!
  Even a small investment pays big dividends

* How the QA-WG can help

  We can't do your QA work for you
    We don't have the resources nor the domain-specific expertise
  We do provide guidance, tools, and processes
  We can help avoid duplication of effort
  Follow our guidelines, measure against our checkpoints

* Guidelines (the Seven Documents)

    Roadmap, primer, guide to the other documents
  Operational Guidelines 
    Planning, logistics, operation, and maintenance of WG quality processes 
  Specification Guidelines 
    How to write clearer, more implementable, more testable specifications 
  Test Guidelines 
    Technologies, tools, methods for writing test materials 

* Operations Guidelines (think QA)

  Appoint a QA lead
  Integrate QA into Working Group activities
  Define and allocate resources for QA activities
  Synchronize QA activities with the specification milestones
  Define the QA process
  Plan for development, publication, maintenance of test materials

* Spec Guidelines (think Testability)

  Define scope; identify what needs to conform and how
  Specify conformance policy
  Use profiles, modules, functional levels to subset the technology
  Identify testable assertions
  Define discretionary items and extension policy
  Identify conformance requirements; provide conformance clause
  Address how conformance claims & statements are made

* Feedback & Next Steps

  What do you need from us?
  What can we do to help?

* References

  Provide URLs for:
    Our home page
    The seven docs
    The Matrix
    What else?

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