TestGL WD for review

Howdy folks,
Sorry this is late.
Here is the latest update of TestGL (both transformed and not) for
internal review. Some sections are still missing I'm sorry to say but
please focus on the entirely new introduction (I think it still needs
work...), GL 5-7 (GL5 and 6 are almost totally new, GL7 is a
reformatting and restructuring.) The glossary was moved to it's new
And I tried to bring as much of the document into line as I could with
the other documents in the family.
Please send any comments you have as I'm working toward the next draft
cause I do intend to make the next deadline of next week. The sooner I
get peoples comments, the sooner I can get them in to the document.


pfawcett <pfawcett@speakeasy.org>

Received on Friday, 25 April 2003 12:40:08 UTC