next week extra telecon [2nd REQUEST]

*** Please reply ***  (only 2 people have responded)

QAWG participants --

Please reply.

As we agreed Monday, our goal going forward is one telecon per week, 
*except* for next week.  We want to have SpecGL Monday (4/28), and have a 
2nd one on OpsGL mid-late week.

Please reply, which of the following times are you NOT available for one hour?

Tuesday (15-apr) 11am ET
Tuesday 12 noon ET
Wednesday 11am ET
Wednesday 12 noon ET
Thursday 11am ET
Thursday 12 noon ET
Friday 11am ET
Friday12 noon ET

Thursday is ideal spacing, but we'll pick what works for the most people.


Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2003 17:24:16 UTC