Minutes of QAWG teleconference not finalized yet


I am about to send a message to the IG giving them pointers to 
minutes that have (apparently) not been finalized and sent to www-qa, 
as well as apologizing for letting things slip. I'd rather, though, 
have final minutes to give them, since some of these (draft) minutes 
have received actual comments or corrections. May I request that 
scribes for these (that's Patrick, Dimitris, Kirill as far as I can 
tell) send final minutes to the WG list and the appropriate (albeit 
late) announcement to the IG list?

As you know, the procedure for the teleconferences the Working Group 
holds is that their minutes are circulated among the group and a 
pointer to the final minutes are sent to the IG. Some of these 
minutes have not followed this process fully, and as a result people 
not reading the working group's list may have missed them.

Here's the list, if the final minutes have been sent already, I would 
appreciate if you could send me a pointer, as I could not find them.

February 18th (Kirill):

March 10th (Dimitris):

March 17th (Patrick):

Many thanks.
Olivier (with calendar editor's hat on)

Received on Tuesday, 22 April 2003 08:06:28 UTC