GL3 vs. DoV (Was: Plan/proposal for DoV group)

LR>Why is the Conformance Policy a DoV?  It is a consequence of the
LR>other DoVs...

It's a DoV as the result of a torturous evolution. If I am recalling
the history correctly, it incorporates variability in the sense that
minimum requirements (something *all* products in a particular class
must implement) and strict conformance (*all* products in a class
must be functionally the same) were policies that may or may not apply
in a particular spec, or only to some classes of product.

If the overall policy is seen as the culmination of decisions about
the various DoV (plus scope, which is GL 1), then LR's question can
be refined to: could the checkpoints of GL 3 plausibly be moved to
GL 10? (If so, GL 10 is no longer just a how-to-write-specs GL.) If
not, do they need their own GL, or can they be put somewhere else?
.................David Marston

Received on Sunday, 20 April 2003 10:39:47 UTC