Re: Draft Minutes of 18-April-2003 Teleconfrence

Yes - We decided that Technical Reports was to W3C'ish.  Also see below.

>>issue #61
>>add technical reports.
>>LR We do need to add something for this class of product.
>>LH agrees.
>>Resolve Per DH resolution in the mail.
>>LH wants part of resolution to include examples in
>>ex-tech (and don't loose issues moved to ex-tech).
>Specifically, the list of examples from Dom's email comments.
>Also... Didn't we agree to add a 'specification' category, per Dom's 

I documented this as:
LC-61 Modify List of Class of Products
Add: Specifications (guidelines, @@anything else to put here?)

For ExTech under 2.1: the following specs have 'Specification' as CoP: 
Character model for the WWW, SpecGL, XML Accessibility GL (XAG)

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