Re: resolution to close SpecGL LC-66

I couldn't have said it better myself.

At 03:44 PM 4/17/2003 -0400, Lynne Rosenthal wrote:
>If you don't agree with this resolution, then please respond.  If you have 
>a better rationale, than please respond.
>LC-66 Are edition and version DoVs?
>(DM's email discusses this- 
>No. Editions and versions are not DoVs.  The SpecGL applies to a single, 
>specific specification rather than all its incarnations.  DoVs have to do 
>with Implementations and what they implement in the current 
>specification.  Conformance is also assessed with respect to the current 
>specification.  So, from LC-66, if a requirement is changed between V1.0 
>and V1.1 of some specification and a 1.0 processor can not read 1.1, then 
>the processor would not conform. This isn't related to DoV.

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