profiles, modules, levels [30, 41, 49, 50, 51, 97, 98]

The "Subject" of this message is on Monday's agenda.

Issue 30 suggests combining the GLs for profiles, modules, levels 
(4,5,6).  This is also suggested in the "major restructure" issues of LH 
(74.3) and PC  (75.3).

For reference, GL4,5,6 were combined in the FPWD of Spec Guidelines:

One of the first things we did after FPWD (May-June -- I don't have the 
minutes links but you can look 'em up) was to separate GLs for profiles, 
modules, levels, because it was a mess.

I have some sympathy with the idea that they could be combined.  But I 
don't think it would be useful for us, on Monday, to simply endorse the 
concept "combine them", without some clear idea of *how* to combine them.

I would suggest that we should have a specific proposal before we work on 
issue 30 (and 74.3, 75.3).  Either:

1.) Best:  proposed wording of the single GL, and listing of its proposed 
CPs (also nice -- mapping from old GL4-6 and its CPs to the CPs of the new GL)

2.) Acceptable:  a clear description of the principles governing the 
merger, and where the test requirements of the CPs of the old GL4-6 are 
reflected in the new GL.  (This would basically provide a roadmap to draft #1).


Received on Saturday, 12 April 2003 20:13:48 UTC