RE: What do we do with the forms?

I'd leave them for a while. I know couple W3C folks that are only
getting to provide us a feedback. 

Even though LC is over and we can take or ignore a comment at our
discretion, it's always useful to see what people think. 

So far we've been getting many comments, but from a narrow (for our
target) set of folks.


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> Subject: What do we do with the forms?
> I'm not really fond of leaving them up as is, now that the LC period
> over.
> Right now they're little more than a way for spammers to do what they
> do.
> I suggest we either stop them (I can do that cleanly, e.g redirect to
> the LC issues page) or modify (and simplify) them to be a "general"
> feedback tool for the whole framework.
> Silence will be taken as agreement to shut them down. :)
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> Olivier

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