LC-101 -- remove CP9.6


I strongly disagree with the proposal to remove CP9.6 [1].

Originator states:

>Extensions may be allowed in order to permit new functionality to be 
>introduced and tested prior to standardization.

I agree with this.

>There may not be any alternatives (interoperable or otherwise) to the use 
>of a particular extension, and in particular, it is completely impossible 
>for any specification that permits extensions to supply a workaround to 
>the use of every uninvented extension imaginable.

This also strikes me as true.

However, it has this implication:  such content (lacking interoperable 
alternatives) is "interoperability impaired".

>In other words, no specification that allows extensions can conform at 
>priority three, ever.

If a specification allows "interoperability impaired" content to be 
considered to be equally conformant as "interoperable" content, I don't 
think that specification should qualify for the highest (AAA) SpecGL 
conformance level.  SpecGL conformance is a (progressive) measure of such 
aspects as clarity, interoperability, testability, etc.

Recommended resolution:  Keep CP 9.6.  (However, see also issue LC-81, 
about fine tuning it somewhat.)



Received on Friday, 4 April 2003 13:55:40 UTC