Re: extra telecon time? [ACTION]

No available on Wednesday.

At 04:45 PM 3/31/2003 -0700, Lofton Henderson wrote:

>QAWG participants --
>Please reply.
>If we are going to have an extra telecon next week, it is likely that 
>*someone* will have a conflict.  So we probably can't completely 
>eliminate, but will have to try to minimize conflicts.
>Please reply, which of the following times are you NOT available for one hour?
>Tuesday (8-apr) 11am ET
>Tuesday 12 noon ET
>Wednesday 11am ET
>Wednesday 12 noon ET
>Thursday 11am ET
>Thursday 12 noon ET
>Friday 11am ET
>Friday12 noon ET
>(Any other time suggestions?)
>For reference (next week, Europe has changed to Daylight time but US has not):
>11am Eastern (ET) -- 8am Pacific (PT) -- 5pm Central Europe (Paris) [-- 
>midnight Tokyo]

Sandra I. Martinez
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8970,
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899

(301) 975-3579

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