Re: Extech Issue

Le mar 23/04/2002 ŗ 19:44, Lofton Henderson a ťcrit :
> Problem.  Some material to which we want to hyperlink for example the 
> TS-commitment examples in the SVG Charter, are in member-only space.  Other 
> examples would be member-only mail archives.
> Options.
> 1.) make the link anyway -- the target users of Extech documents are W3C 
> members.
> 2.) make the link, and be sure that the associated text clearly summarizes 
> what is at the link destination.
> 3.) don't make the link, but describe clearly what would be discovered at 
> the potential link destination.
> 4.) other?
> One would think that #2 is most informative and most useful style.  But 
> there is a subtle sub-issue with #2 and #3.  If the SVG charter is 
> member-private, should Ops-Extech write in its SVG example parts, "The SVG 
> 1.0 Charter says [...whatever...] about QA deliverables and milestones."

I'd ask permission to the team contact and the chair of the SVG WG to
quote the relevant part of the charter in a public space. Besides, I
would ask clarification on the need of the charter to be member only
resources. Maybe Ian has some input on this?

Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux -
W3C's Webmaster

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