Extech Issue

QAWG (& Comm),

The mixture of public and private WGs in W3C creates a problem.

This is a document issue that has come up during drafting of the 
"Operational Examples & Techniques" Framework document.  It could apply to 
several of our Framework documents.  I don't find any guidance on this 
issue in pubrules or the W3C Manual of Style.

Problem.  Some material to which we want to hyperlink for example the 
TS-commitment examples in the SVG Charter, are in member-only space.  Other 
examples would be member-only mail archives.


1.) make the link anyway -- the target users of Extech documents are W3C 
2.) make the link, and be sure that the associated text clearly summarizes 
what is at the link destination.
3.) don't make the link, but describe clearly what would be discovered at 
the potential link destination.
4.) other?

One would think that #2 is most informative and most useful style.  But 
there is a subtle sub-issue with #2 and #3.  If the SVG charter is 
member-private, should Ops-Extech write in its SVG example parts, "The SVG 
1.0 Charter says [...whatever...] about QA deliverables and milestones."

Is this:

a.) okay?
b.) not to be done?
c.) needs WG chair permission?


Received on Tuesday, 23 April 2002 13:44:30 UTC