Re: Fwd: Request for commitment to review Charmod Last Call #2


Since we (QA) are on the list for "request for commitment to review", what 
do we need to do?

Do we need to give i18n a Y/N answer about whether we will review and 
comment?  (Not that we would say "N", but is "N" even an option?)

Should we appoint a task team to review and draft a response, then endorse 
the response (before 5/31) in whole QAWG?


At 06:20 PM 4/18/02 +0900, Karl Dubost wrote:
>A request from I18N WG about Character Model.
>>Message-ID: <>
>>Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 20:42:23 +0100
>>Subject: Request for commitment to review Charmod Last Call #2
>>Dear Chairs,
>>The original Last Call for the Character Model for the World Wide Web
>>started on 26 January 2001:
>>Owing to the large number of comments:
>>it has taken the I18N WG till now to process them all, resulting in the
>>current internal draft:
>>And, owing to the large number of changes, we'll be going to a Last Call
>>#2 (I'm reminded of Steven Pemberton's quip at the recent Technical
>>Plenary regarding the meaning of "Last" in "Last Call").
>>The I18N WG decided today to go to Last Call #2 on 30 April, or sooner
>>if ready:
>>We are asking the following WGs to review the document, once it has been
>>published (no later than 30 April), and to complete their review by 31
>>    -------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    WG        Asked   Response  Contacting
>>    -------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    CSS         Y        Y      Bert Bos
>>    DOM         Y        Y      Philippe Le Hégaret
>>    HTML        Y        Y      Steven Pemberton
>>    QA                   -      Karl Dubost
>>    RDF                  -      Brian McBride/Dan Brickley
>>    TAG         Y        -      Chris Lilley
>>    WAI PF      Y        Y      Al Gilman
>>    WS Arch              -      Chris Ferris
>>    XForms      Y        Y      Steven Pemberton
>>    XML Core             -      Paul Grosso/Arnaud Le Hors
>>    XMLP                 -      David Fallside
>>    XML Query            -      Paul Cotton
>>    XML Schema           -      Michael Sperberg-McQueen/Dave Hollander
>>    XML Sig              -      Joseph Reagle/Donald Eastlake
>>    XSL                  -      Sharon Adler
>>    -------------------------------------------------------------------
>>If you've received this mail and haven't yet let us know whether your
>>WG will review the document once it has been published (no later than
>>30 April), please let us know whether you will do so and whether you
>>will complete your review by 31 May.
>>We will, of course, welcome comments from other WGs (and others).  If
>>your WG isn't listed above and wishes to review the document, please
>>let us know.
>>Many thanks,
>>Misha Wolf
>>I18N WG Chair
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