HTTP/1.1 and caching; review of -v11-spec-03

The HTTP working group is having the most trouble with issues around
caching of negotiated content. Some of our difficulties have come from
different interpretations for terms ("entity", "resource") and
arguments about which of several choices of new termonology we should
make, but there are also some protocol design choices that go beyond

It's imperitive that we finish HTTP/1.1 in the next two weeks. If
you've put off mailing in your review of the May 2 draft


please do so now. If you don't get around to sending in your comments
by Monday, then there'll be a new draft available toward the end of
this week that will need a careful reading, as we'll want to go to
'proposed standard' soon after.

My interpretation of "rough consensus and running code" is "most
everybody agrees but that arguments based on interoperable
implementations have more weight". Because of this, I'd rather hear
comments from those who have running implementations sooner rather
than later.

Send reviews of the internet-draft to, not
just to me.


Received on Saturday, 18 May 1996 13:19:03 UTC