Re: Looking for a Proxy

Marc Baudoin <>:
>Ari Luotonen <> écrit :
>> > For access control based on user, you need a proxy that supports
>> > HTTP/1.1.
>> No, you don't need HTTP/1.1 for that.  Both Netscape Navigator and
>> Netscape Proxy support authentication in the proxy.
>But it is *proprietary* (please get back to the world of open standards)
>and works only between Mozilla and Netscape proxy. By the way, it seems to
>me that HTTP/1.1 proxy authorization scheme is the same as Netscape's :-)

While Ari may be responsible for urging the IETF's working group to accept
the proxy authorization scheme, Netscape is not the only company to implement
either the client or the proxy server side of the proxy authorization scheme.
And since it is well documented as part of a proposed standard (it wandered
in and out of the HTTP/1.0 drafts before being included in the HTTP/1.1
draft), the implementations that I and others have written interoperate.  Not
what I would call "*proprietary*".


Received on Saturday, 18 May 1996 11:09:21 UTC