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RE: IE 6 on Windows XP Pro - Randomly Blocking Cookies

From: Jeff Finkelstein <jeff@customerparadigm.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:38:37 -0700
To: <www-p3p-dev@w3.org>
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The issue isn't with your site; the main issue is that whomever is hosting
the Miva Merchant shopping cart does not have a compact P3P privacy policy
in place.

If the company (Interland) that is hosting your website is also hosting your
miva merchant account, the p3p privacy policy and compact privacy policy
must be implemented there.

IE 6.0 is used by the majority of web users; here's a link to Google's
Zeitgeist page that has a chart:

Hope this helps,
-- jeff

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  Subject: IE 6 on Windows XP Pro - Randomly Blocking Cookies

  I'm having difficulties with IE 6 randomly blocking cookies on my website,

  This issue only appears to exist with Windows XP Pro and IE 6 w/ privacy
set to medium or higher.  My site uses an apache server running a Miva
Merchant shopping cart.  My static pages (index.htm, etc) do not generate or
use cookies.  Miva Merchant does use cookies to link specific customers to
their basket contents.

  The cookie blocking symbol often appears when opening the index page
(www.bargainbookstores.com or bargainbookstores.com) and indicates that it
is blocking cookies for all my page link graphic files.

  The problem links stay within my domain (example:
s  or http://bargainbookstores.com/au.htm)

  I'm concerned about this issue because some customers are having trouble
checking out and others are seeing the "do not enter" symbol at the bottom
of IE 6.  I fear that this will chase away some customers.

  I don't have a P3P in place but have noticed that the majority of other
ecommerce sites don't either and I don't see the same problem occurring with
those sites.

  Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?

  I would like to put a P3P in place but I am unable to do so because my
host (Interland.com) refuses to add the proper line of code to the Apache
server, furthermore, Miva Merchant refuses to accept the P3P CP data from
Apache if correctly configured.   Any Ideas on working around this problem?

  Thanks for your help,

  Ralf Scharnowski


  Email: rscharnowski@bargainbookstores.com

  Website: http://bargainbookstores.com
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