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unequal treatment of employees

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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 17:59:08 EDT
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i am an employee of Wells Fargo, Rio Rancho, NM. as a teller.
my past work experience from 1972 thru 1998 was as a self employed proprietor 
i have had much experience with handling personnel over that time.
since my joining Wells Fargo bank, i have noticed that their is lack of 
ability by my branch manager to see that personnel under her are equally treated, 
and that senior management to her are not understanding of the problems that 
exist within this bank.

although my tenure has been for little more than a year, there has been a 
great turnover in the teller line. this is created partly do to the amount of pay 
an entry teller receives. true the benefits are good, however people live by 
the paycheck. how do you insult an employee? example 1. i received a . 20 
raise after my first year, and i spoke with a head teller from another branch who 
received . 05.

every team has it's star player, and sometimes the star player is made by the 
point guard giving that (STAR) the ball all the time. so the star goes to the 
all-star game,  gets the signing bonus, and the bigger salary, right. so it 
is with a teller, if the platform person has some type of personal relationship 
with a specific teller and feeds all the new accounts to that person, all the 
other tellers have an unequal opportunity to participate in the bonus's 
offered by Wells Fargo. So the bank manager applauds the all-star and pressures the 
other tellers for more sales, if they wish to make more money.

as an all-star teller you are beyond reproach so that you are late as much as 
15 to 20 minutes for work on a regular basis, and at times even late 
reporting back to work from lunch the same day, creating shorter time for others, with 
no written reprimands. i was taught to report on premise 5 min. before work 
so that you are ready for work as scheduled. without time clocks how much money 
is lost, and what is it costing Wells Fargo, as well as stock holders, of 
which I am one, to have the bank not open as much as 30 minutes late at times.

Certain individuals are able to take endless days off with no pay or leave 
early and fudge their hours. Others are threatened with write ups or some type 
of reprimand when they have had a need to take no pay time off.

I and my husband have been trying to build a new home by taking advantage of 
the Wells Fargo mortgage discounts for employee's and have been given nothing 
but headaches! We have a net value $750,000.00 with no liabilities and income 
of $5,000.00 per month. a signed construction loan for $300,000.00 and Wells 
Fargo will not advance money for power to the utility. Such trash!!!

What a story for the newsmedia. the last one on power lunch MSNBC with BILL 
GRIFFITH cited 3,000 job vacacies. I wonder why?

a faithful employee

the bank manager
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