Re: InkML Diagrams?

Hi, Tom-

Tom Underhill wrote (on 2/22/11 7:06 PM):
> Hi Doug,
> The original vector files for the orientation diagrams were lost, but
> I’ve recreated them using Visio. Attached is the (new) source Visio
> document and the figures saved as both SVG and PNG files.

Great, thanks very much!  (You know me too well, providing the SVG files 
as well...)

> I’m looking forward to the Web Events touch and pen events being
> implemented in browsers.

Me too.

>I’m working on a javascript library for
> displaying and capturing InkML in current browsers and the current lack
> of standards for gathering touch or pen input is problematic. Here is
> the prototype page showing InkML rendered on a page:
> Near the bottom of the
> page you can also scribble new ink into a canvas (currently implemented
> using mousedown/move/up events).

I couldn't get that to load (I'm on a Mac, so I didn't boot into Windows 
yet).  I'm getting an HTTP Error 503: The service is unavailable.

Have you seen my inkml2svg script?

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG, WebApps, and Web Events WGs

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