Re: About InkML

Hi zhang jing,

"zhang jing" <> wrote:

> The Ink Markup must provide means to indicate the language that the
> handwritten ink represents.
> But these had not been explicated in Ink Markup Language.

True, we haven't started working on this yet, but since it is a
requirement we will have addressed it by the time the Last Call
working draft is published.

> In addition,the Ink Markup Language should consider the width of trace
> and the tip of a writing
> brush.Of couse,there is not tip of a writing brush in English.But in
> other language such as Chinese,there is it.If Ink Markup Language want
> to become a common criterion,I think,it should
> consider fully.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is also something that we will address when 
working on the specification of brushes.



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