About InkML

In Requirements for the Ink Markup Language it is mentioned that 
recognition of digital ink is 
expected to be an important application of the Ink Markup.Such as:

The Ink Markup must allow for the representation of all information needed 
for the training of 
adaptive recognition systems.For example, in training a handwriting 
recognition system, it is 
often necessary to label the ink data at various levels (e.g. corresponding 
to characters, 
words, and phrases) and to be able to affiliate traces or portions of 
traces with those labels.

The Ink Markup must provide means to indicate the language that the 
handwritten ink represents.

But these had not been explicated in Ink Markup Language.

In addition,the Ink Markup Language should consider the width of trace and 
the tip of a writing
brush.Of couse,there is not tip of a writing brush in English.But in other 
language such as 
Chinese,there is it.If Ink Markup Language want to become a common 
criterion,I think,it should
consider fully.

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