SMIL implementation plans

The W3C SYMM WG is currently planning its further schedule until
the SMIL draft will become a proposed recommendation.
To do this better, we're trying to establish a list of
people that are currently working on implementations, or are
planning to do so in the future. Note that you can provide this
information under non-disclosure to me personnally - the simple
number of people planning implementations is also important to us.

Here's a short questionaire:

[ ] I'm currently working on an implementation
[ ] I plan to do an implementation in the following timeframe:

Details of implemetnation project (e.g. this is a prototype,
a product, work within my studies etc.):

[ ] The above information is intended for the SYMM WG chair only
[ ] You can distribute this information within the W3C
[ ] You can distribute this information publically (e.g. when
    journalists ask, on web page etc.)

Thanks for the info !

Note that the draft has been updated since November, if you're an
employee of a W3C member organisations, have a look at to access the most recent draft.
(The draft isn't quite cleaned up editorially, that's why there hasn't
been a public release. The WG can discuss the possiblity of another
public release, if there is sufficient interest)

-Philipp Hoschka, Chair of W3C SYMM

Received on Wednesday, 21 January 1998 12:28:06 UTC