Re: SMIL implementation plans

Philipp Hoschka wrote:

> The W3C SYMM WG is currently planning its further schedule until
> the SMIL draft will become a proposed recommendation.
> To do this better, we're trying to establish a list of
> people that are currently working on implementations, or are
> planning to do so in the future. Note that you can provide this
> information under non-disclosure to me personnally - the simple
> number of people planning implementations is also important to us.

 [ ] I'm currently working on an implementation
[*] I plan to do an implementation in the following timeframe:

The Opera project of INRIA Rhone-Alpes has proposed the following project
to a computer-science student: adapt an existing authoring and
presentation environment, namely Madeus, to playback SMIL documents.
The project will begin at the end of march 1998. We should have first
results in june.
Let me remember that Madeus is an authoring environment for interactive
multimedia document based on the constraint technology.
More information about Madeus  could be found at : http://opera

> Disclosure
> [ ] The above information is intended for the SYMM WG chair only
> [ ] You can distribute this information within the W3C
> [*] You can distribute this information publically (e.g. when
>     journalists ask, on web page etc.)
> Thanks for the info !
> Note that the draft has been updated since November, if you're an
> employee of a W3C member organisations, have a look at
> to access the most recent draft.
> (The draft isn't quite cleaned up editorially, that's why there hasn't
> been a public release. The WG can discuss the possiblity of another
> public release, if there is sufficient interest)
> -Philipp Hoschka, Chair of W3C SYMM

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