discussion about temporal scenario modelisation

Dear SMIL editor,

In a previous email
we tried to clarify the concept and the semantic of the SMIL proposal.
In the following paper, we compare two paradigms used for modeling
temporal scenarios:
     * hierarchical structure as defined in the SMIL working draft or
in  Cmifed, and
     * temporal constraints as defined in MADEUS, ISIS, HPAS, ...
We base our analysis upon the example given at the end of the SMIL
working draft.
Our objective clearly is to motivate an evolution of SMIL, in order that
it can better take into acount authoring requirements.

The paper is written in html.  You can find it at the following http
address :


Any comments are welcome,

Cecile Roisin and Muriel Jourdan,

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        Unite de Recherche INRIA Rhone-Alpes,
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