FFL: CSS-like selectors for web mathematics

Hi everyone,

Busy week for math-related enhancements!
I also wanted to share a new HCI (human-computer interaction) project by
the University of Pennsylvania. It attempts to improve the ergonomics of
writing CSS styling rules for math subterms - especially setting "color",
which seems to be gaining prominence in recent years.

As you'll notice, the project isn't MathML-centered, but tries to
amalgamate together LaTeX syntax and CSS syntax (with a transpiler step
that auto-generates a "class" attribute).

Talk video (recommended!): https://youtu.be/PkXHuPkatpk?t=566
Paper: https://bit.ly/ffl-paper
Demo: https://bit.ly/try-ffl

It is easy to be reminded of a post by Brian on this general subject (which
I also shared with the author):


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