Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: a minimal core intent proposal

I understand the principle that when the intent looks like


that is, it is self pronouncing, there is a logic to not putting
that intent in core.

It also makes sense to pronounce it as a function:

     "absolute value of $arg".

And once we have gone that far, when $arg is complicated,
it makes sense for AT to automatically add the end (when that is
what the user wants):

     "absolute value of complicatedargument end absolute value"

Competent AT should be able to handle that without knowing
what absolute value (or determinant, cardinality, length,
or order) means.

For (a,b), which could be the "open interval a comma b" or the
"point a comma b", if we had a notation to indicate NOT to pronounce
it as a function, that would greatly simplify the intent markup.
I suspect this is common.  (And we can also assume the AT knows
to add the "end" when the second argument is complicated.)

I'll need to look at a lot of examples, but this seems workable
so far.



Received on Thursday, 10 November 2022 23:52:45 UTC