line breaks, embellished operators and space-like content

Hi www-math,

On the MathJax issue tracker
<> we had a discussion
revolving around embellished operators and line breaks.

The example from a user was

<math xmlns="">
  <mspace linebreak="newline" />

which won't have a line break in MathJax rendering because the spec seems
to say it's one big embellished operator.

My question is: shouldn't a pure linebreak end the scope of an embellished
operator instead?

Personally, I find it odd that mtext is considered space-like.

It does not seem to meet the criteria of the spec ("typically render as
whitespace", "do not affect the mathematical meaning" -- neither is typical
for mtext). It seems even more problematic in an HTML5 context, where mtext
is one entry point for HTML mixing.

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Received on Monday, 3 August 2015 14:46:52 UTC