Re: Make testsuite usable for non browser applications

On 25/12/2014 20:50, Regina Henschel wrote:
> I found, that the .mml files do not have a namespace in their root math
> element.

This is only true of the archived mathml2 tests it was corrected in the 
mathml3 test suite.

For example

has a namespace (and directly renders in firefox)

but the older version of the test

does not have the namespace (and just renders as an XML source tree in 

Even if ODF is only using MathML2 feature, it would probably be best to 
use the current (MathML3) test suite and just filter out any tests using 
features you don't support.

There have been several things fixed/improved in the test suite since 
the mathml2 version, which is just kept for archival reasons.


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