Re: An error on converting MathML to LaTeX

On 25/12/2014 04:50, saf sied wrote:
> In my previous message titled "An error on converting MathML to
> LaTeX" I was refereeing to the following link in regard to Dr.
> Carlisle's XSLT But it seems W3 email system removed the link. So I
> am typing the full URL here:
>  Thanks..Saf

link was in the first version as well:-)

The error message isn't directly related to XSLT or MathML.
Google for the text of the message turns up

which indicates it's an error from the C#/.NET XML processing if you try
to insert a document node as a child of an element. The above link
gives information on how to avoid the error.

You gave no hint of the system you are using but note the stylesheet is
an XSLT 2 stylesheet so will not work with the default .NET XSLT classes
which are still XSLT 1. You can use the free saxon XSLT engine's .NET


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