Re: Typesetting for print

On 18/01/2012 22:48, Wendell P wrote:
> but what about processing whole XML+MathML+SVG
> documents? I looked briefly and that seems like a very steep hill to
> climb.

the xslt stylesheets that do that for the mathml spec are available 
(actually it's easiest at present to get the ones for mathml2 as they 
are in the source zip file linked from the spec, they don't actually 
include a mathml to TeX translation, although the mathml3 ones do)

 > Good heavens, no. I wouldn't want to work with MS Word or its file
 > format. I just meant that I was satisfied with the look of its math
 > typesetting.

Ah OK, Although with typography in Word improving and it being widely 
available it must be getting to a point where one could consider 
generating (somewhat weird but now ISO standardised) XML format behind 
that and just using Word as the back end typesetter as an alternative to 
TeX. (Not tried that though:-)


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