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I would also mention the MathML2 -> TeX online converter at ORCCA,

This is translator written in Java.   We have done various translators
in XSLT also, but for this it was easier to use Java to do a good job.


On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 10:54 PM, Wendell P <> wrote:
> Although I didn't see any past discussion of print typography here,
> there doesn't seem to be any place else to bring this up.
> I would like to produce mathematical documents in an entirely XML
> workflow. There are WYSIWYG editors that render SVG and MathML, several
> good utilities for generating SVG illustrations, equation editors that
> i/o MathML, and typsetting engines that take XML+SVG+MathML input.
> My main problem is that I have been unable to get sufficient quality in
> the typesetting of equations. I would prefer quality like TeX, but would
> be satisfied with that of MS Word 2007. OpenOffice is definitely not
> good enough.
> I'm hoping to get some discussion here on what is available and how to
> make best use of it.
> The two commercial engines I've tried are Antenna House Formatter and
> Prince XML. I was satisfied with both except for the equations. Why is
> equation layout not better? Is it just a case of not putting enough work
> into rendering equations, or is it actually harder to develop rendering
> rules for MathML than for LaTeX? Maybe the capability is there but it
> takes a deeper knowledge of the system. I looked but couldn't find any
> discussion along those lines.
> There are also the really expensive systems like Arbortext APP and SDL's
> XML Professional Publisher. Do the big systems really render MathML with
> TeX-like quality? Not that I could afford them, but I'd like to know if
> what I want is even possible.
> What else should I consider? I just want to output typeset PDFs from
> XHTML/HTML5+SVG+MathML files. I have even tried "Print to PDF" in
> Firefox. The equations were actually not too bad, but I doubt that any
> amount of fiddling could produce production quality documents.
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