Re: MathML for CSS profile

El lun, 11-07-2011 a las 21:50 +0100, David Carlisle escribió:
> On 11/07/2011 20:53, Juan R. González-Álvarez wrote:
> > But that is not true for version 5 (the latest oficial version).
> >
> of course mathml works in ff 5, why do you think it doesn't?

It seems that you are not reading.

> FF5 is only a minor upgrade from 4 (the version numbering system changed 
> as you know, so it's not a big change like 3 to 4).

I already said this to you, the past week:

  "Moreover, since the version 5 Mozilla uses the new fast version
   tracking, where minor incremental updates receive a new version number.
   The current version 5 is a kind of 3.7.1 version."

Which confirms that you are not reading.

If you want to reply what is being asked, instead repeating that is
being said to you or replying to what is not being asked, then you are
welcomed David.


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