Re: MathML for CSS profile

On 11/07/2011 20:53, Juan R. González-Álvarez wrote:
> But that is not true for version 5 (the latest oficial version).

of course mathml works in ff 5, why do you think it doesn't?

FF5 is only a minor upgrade from 4 (the version numbering system changed 
as you know, so it's not a big change like 3 to 4).

For xml files presentation mathml is supported in all versions of firefox.
For html files mathml is supported in firefox 4 and above.

The MathML CSS profile shows how css can be part of a solution for 
rendering mathml (it is essentially exactly how opera implements mathml 
by inserting a mathml stylesheet). Mozilla firefox also uses a css 
stylesheet in its distribution that is automatically applied to mathml 
elements, although in that case the rendering isn't solely via css but 
has native support for mathml layout.

So if you want to use the pure css rendering as shown in the profile, 
you need to serve it to a browser that is not laying out the mathematics 
already and which has good enough css support.
It may be today that that narrows it down to opera and IE (without 
mathplayer) but the specification doesn't depend on any particular set 
of browsers, it documents how one may lay out mathematics using CSS 2.1.
The fact that it can't be used until the relevant bits of css 2.1 are 
implemented in your chosen system shouldn't be surprising, so I'm not 
sure what your point is? It is only a few lines of server side code or 
client side javascript to serve native mathml to browsers that support 
it, and mathml styled with css similar to the suggested css in the 
profile for those that don't, or if you'd rather serbe pure mathml 
without any javascript you can arrange that your readers have a suitable 
user javascipt or extension that automatically adds the css for browsers 
that need it. This one for chrome for example adds a slightly different 
css (not tried it, just noticed it via google one day)


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