Implementation of the Algorithm in MathML3 section 4.6 to rewrite Content MathML to the strict form

As part of the process of validating the drafts of MathML3, Robert Miner
implemented (in XSLT) the algorithm described in Chapter 4 for
converting arbitrary Content MathML to Strict Content MathML.

It has been available in the W3C Member area of the W3C website/CVS but
it is now been copied to the public web-xslt googlecode project (which
is also the home of the XSL stylesheets enabling cross browser
Presentation MathML that were originally distributed from the Math/XSL
area of the W3C website.

The stylesheet is here

and further comments and comparisons with conversions via OpenMath are
on my blog here:

David (although mostly this is Robert's work)

Received on Sunday, 10 July 2011 09:40:22 UTC