Re: Can one do \bordermatrix in MathML?

I'm less enthused than you are about your solution...  the markup doesn't
really capture the relationship of the tags to the rows/cols -- you wouldn't
purpose something like that for laying out table headings would you?

As you say, it has the advantage of working in MathML+CSS environments, but
unfortunately, IE+MathPlayer is not one of them -- it only is "close" in
that environment.

I strongly encourage filing bugs and pushing on implementors to fix those
bugs rather than resorting to "contortions" to get things to work.
Stretching chars and spanning rows/cols are important for several notations,
so it is not some obscure feature that needs to be implemented.

My two cents...

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On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 3:18 PM, William F Hammond <>wrote:

> >> Does anyone know, is it possible to produce a bordered matrix using
> >> MathML?
> > something like
> ><>
> (I was offline last week.)
> Inasmuch as I prefer to look at tables recursively -- and so am not
> fond of rowspan and colspan, I like this approach:
> which, I believe, should work with parenthesis stretching in browsers
> supporting both MathML and CSS, including all reasonably current
> mozillae.
> is the html5 text/html morph.
>                                    -- Bill
> P.S.  Am I correct in perceiving the border labels as not
> mathematically semantic?  If so, probably the 2x2 outer array
> should be an ordinary html table.

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