Re: Can one do \bordermatrix in MathML?

On 01/11/2010 22:18, William F Hammond wrote:
>>> Does anyone know, is it possible to produce a bordered matrix using
>>> MathML?
>> something like
> (I was offline last week.)
> Inasmuch as I prefer to look at tables recursively -- and so am not
> fond of rowspan and colspan,

Hmm sometimes a recursive structure is more natural but here actually I 
think the spanning structure is closer to teh semantic, as it places the 
column labels in the labelled columns, whereas the alternative you 
propose just has them floating free and just visually aligned rather 
than being tied to the column by markup.

> I like this approach:

I have to agree though this has the distinct advantage of working
whereas the version I offered currently only works in mathplayer of the 
common browsers. You cheat a bit here (only a bit:-) by knowing the 
widths in advance, but perhaps with a bit of javascript measuring the 
widths could be automatically deduced after setting the main matrix to 
its normal width.
>                                      -- Bill
> P.S.  Am I correct in perceiving the border labels as not
> mathematically semantic?  If so, probably the 2x2 outer array
> should be an ordinary html table.

If that is the whole display then perhaps, but if it is embedded in a 
larger expression then doing it all in mathml makes sense I think.


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