Re: Can one do \bordermatrix in MathML?

Neil writes:

> I'm less enthused than you are about your solution...  the markup
> doesn't really capture the relationship of the tags to the rows/cols


> -- you wouldn't purpose something like that for laying out table
> headings would you?

I would not.

> As you say, it has the advantage of working in MathML+CSS
> environments, but unfortunately, IE+MathPlayer is not one of them --
> it only is "close" in that environment.
> I strongly encourage filing bugs and pushing on implementors to fix
> those bugs rather than resorting to "contortions" to get things to
> work.  Stretching chars and spanning rows/cols are important for
> several notations, so it is not some obscure feature that needs to
> be implemented.

In the long run I think the more we can extract from CSS, the better
off we will be.

Recently, I re-set Davide Cervone's mathjax examples in gellmu's
"article" xml document type -- an anonymous xml document from the
viewpoint of a browser.  Though it's not yet really useful, one can
get more mileage using CSS with it today than when I first tried this
out five or six years ago.

I'd really like to see IE pick up CSS support for anonymous xml in
a way that MathPlayer could hook into it.

And, yes, I'd also like to see Firefox, Opera, and Webkit support
<mtd rowspan="3"><mo>(</mo></mtd>.  (Are they listening?)

                                    -- Bill

Received on Tuesday, 2 November 2010 19:00:16 UTC