Re: online editor of Presentation and Content MathML

Dear Vyacheslav,

how many of the ~1200 tests are you passing with the editor?
and... do you try to display formulæ in different languages?

thanks in advance


(a man without silverlight)

Le 22-mars-10 à 19:27, Hermitech Laboratory a écrit :

> Hello,
> I’d like to announce that Hermitech has published a special edition of
> Formulator MathML editor that runs inside an Internet browser as a  
> rich internet
> application. Currently it is available for testing at 
>  and
> we would sincerely appreciate any feedback.
> Online Formulator MathML editor is implemented using Silverlight  
> browser plugin
> (as opposed to a scripting language approach), and comprises a  
> server part that
> is currently working on MS Windows operating system  
> (technologically, Linux can
> be easily supported as well), and a thin Silverlight client, that is  
> working
> inside a browser.
> The set of supported features is already sufficient to perform most  
> needed
> operations (edit formulas in WYSIWYG style for Presentation, Content  
> and mixed
> markups of MathML, import/export formulas to MathML text; export  
> formulas to an
> image). Please note that performance can be limited in case of heavy  
> traffic
> because online Formulator MathML editor is placed currently on a  
> test server.
> We would be glad if any educational institutions, commercial  
> organizations or
> software developers are interested in installing the server part of  
> Hermitech's
> online MathML Editor within their Local Area Network and testing on- 
> site how
> this online MathML editor can be used within their organizations.
> Best regards,
> Vyacheslav Levytskyy
> --
> Hermitech Laboratory
> 7, Chapaeva str.,
> Zhytomyr, 10029
> Ukraine
> Web:
> E-mail:

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