Re: madruwb notation

That's what I did for MathPlayer.  It is hard to see how to extend the glyph
shown in the image, and according to some of the experts, "right bottom" is
commonly used also.


2010/3/12 Frédéric WANG <>

>   I'm still not sure what is the correct rendering for madruwb... Since the
> "right angle" notation seems common, I guess it is reasonable to implement
> it as the equivalent of "right bottom"?
>  Hello,
>> While discussing with Azzeddine Lazrek about the madruwb notation, he told
>> me that there are several variants for drawing the symbol:
>> - The one given in the MathML 3 spec is with a lam letter:
>> - However, it seems that a "right angle" is also common:
>> - Apparently, the "right angle" can also be oriented the other direction.
>> Azzedine mentioned “Florian Cajori, A History of mathematical notations,
>> Vol. 2” , p. 74 (notation used in 1827).
>> I wonder whether the direction of the right angle depends on the "overall
>> directionality" of formulas... Also, I'm not sure whether these right angle
>> notations are exactly equivalent to "right bottom" and "left bottom". Maybe
>> some arabic people can tell us more about these variants of madruwb and
>> whether it would be interesting to add new values for the "notation"
>> attribute of menclose...
>> Frédéric Wang

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