Re: [MathML3-CR] mathml3-qname.mod missing from DTD zip

On 09/03/2010 20:14, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Hello,
> mathml3-qname.mod seems to be missing from the zip located at
> .  Also, the zip contains
> predefined.ent which is not referenced from any of the files in the zip.

thanks for that report, in both cases they are due to errors in the 
final packaging script: the qname.mod file is in the directory

but omitted from the zip file (as I just zipped *.dtd and *.ent) sorry 
about that, will fix.

Similarly the script removes "all" the entity files generated for the 
xml entities draft REC which are not used by MathML, but predefined.ent
(which was a later addition, at the request of the HTML group) hasn't 
been added to the list of files to be removed from the MathML collection.

I've fixed the build scripts for both these, and just need to do the 
usual checks before updating the public copies. Hopefully I'll get that 
updated tomorrow.

Thanks again for your report, and sorry about the omissions (and 


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