Re: Java Binding errors in MathML 2.0

Dear Victor,
Dear MathML Group,

also, the downloadable bindings refer to an older version of the spec,
and do not include documentation.

I have created a stylesheet which re-generates the Java interfaces from
the specification document source, it is available at:

and in generated form:

The license is ASL 2.0, so feel free to include this in your projects as
long as you give us credit.


Am Montag, den 08.10.2007, 12:02 -0600 schrieb Victor Mote:
> Dear Editors:
> I wanted to make you aware of some java compile errors that exist in the
> Java bindings for MathML 2.0. I do not subscribe to this list, so please
> accept my apologies if these have already been reported. Since they do not
> appear in the document errata, I assume that they have not been previously
> reported. However, since they are non-normative, perhaps they do not belong
> in the errata.
> The URL to the bindings document is here:
> The errors are as follows:
> 1. MathMLMatrixElement, line 19, missing a return type, presumably "void"
> 2. MathMLMatrixrowElement, line 17, missing a return type, presumably "void"
> 3. MathMLPiecewiseElement, line 13, "case" is a reserved word in Java, so
> this parameter needs a new name, perhaps "caseElement"
> 4. MathMLVectorElement, line 16, missing a return type, presumable "void"
> Since I do not subscribe to the list, please include
> in any responses you may have. Thank you.
> Victor Mote

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