Re: Options for inclusion of SVG and MathML in OpenReader format?

Hi Jon,

Jon Noring <> writes:

> Looking over the working draft I notice it has not moved forward for
> about three years. Anyone know the timetable towards Recommendation?
> Also, if this project had started today rather than 3+ years ago,
> would the specification be substantively quite different?

The HTML WG charter and roadmap mention further work on the note
<> but it's 
unclear if there's going to be a Recommendation. I would expect
the work to have been taken over by the compound document format
activity: <>. Their charter doesn't mention
MathML though.

> To address your last comment, doesn't the new Opera 8 now support SVG?

Yes. SVG Tiny (one problem, which put me off straight away), is that
rendering just stops as soon as it encounters a polyline...


Received on Monday, 9 May 2005 11:14:25 UTC