Re: Options for inclusion of SVG and MathML in OpenReader format?


> > So what mechanism(s) do the SVG and MathML experts recommend for
> > inclusion of "islands" of SVG and MathML markup within XHTML 1.1
> > documents? Also, do SVG and MathML provide their own media fallback
> > mechanisms [see note below], or will we need to provide that?
> Inline MathML and SVG do not provide fallback mechanisms.

Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I don't think this is true.  

MathML has a media fallback mechanism, by virtue of the 'overflow',
'altimg' and 'alttext' attributes on the <math> element.  See 7.1.2
The Top-Level math Element in the spec.

These attributes have only rarely been implemented, but I know of a
couple software packages that do one or more of them, and I'd
definitely say it is better to use them if possible, even being a
little abusive if necessary, than to invent something new.


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Received on Saturday, 7 May 2005 15:54:34 UTC